Logistics services
International full and partial cargo delivery collective experience - an important consideration in ensuring the rapid transportation of goods throughout Europe including the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Benelux countries - Belgium, Holland (the Netherlands) and Luxembourg, as well as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan party. Cargo safety, re-packing, sorting, consolidate, and sending to consignees. UAB Cargo Apex focuses on modern and flexible methods of delivery of goods, are actively involved and working closely with companies in different countries.
UAB CARGO APEX provides warehousing and customs services, both in Lithuania and Poland, and Latvia. In order to provide the highest quality service to our customers, the company has formed a separate division of qualified professionals, providing the following services: • Cargo storage; • Cargo reloading; (mechanically, manually, works with crane) • Cargo weighting; • Cargo sorting, measurement; • Customs agency; • Cargo marking, photography; • Non-standard cargo handling; • Cargo reinforcement. Work process in the warehouse is carried out surveillance. Our company guarantees the complete safety of your goods. In case of damage due to the fault of loaders, the company is ready to compensate for the loss of 100%.
Consulting services

Thanks to our experience in international logistics, we know very well that sometimes the customs procedures applied is much more complex than cargo transportation or storage. Therefore, in order to protect our clients from additional problems, we offer a free, qualified consultative assistance in customs documentation and clearance issues.

  • Customs documents preparation
  • Filling (import, export and transit procedures); CMR filling;
  • Assistance to clear exit customs and assistance in obtaining permits, certificates;
  • Customs procedures performed control;
  • Consulting on customs formalities.


In business, as in sports, teamwork - the key to victory. Our employees - a close-knit, constantly improving the team that sets the highest goals and requirements. We are ready for the implementation of the most complex projects and tasks.
Responsible and committed employees
No trucks at warehouses and the company's employees - our greatest asset of the company. Our employees develop the company's benefits and value-added services to customers. Only responsible, proactive, passionate and motivated employees can make the customer the problem in a timely, efficient and high-quality solutions.
Safe and healthy working conditions for employees.
Relying on the results of our employees, we provide all the necessary tools and opportunities, so that they can express themselves and their ideas. We care about the environment in which our employees work. Safe and healthy environment - one of the promises made to our employees, and we follow him.
Open to dialogue
We are confident that our goals are a good basis for the continuous development of the company. We constantly invest in training employees, improving working conditions, as well as infrastructure and sustainable development. We are open to dialogue, because it is the only way to pursue new opportunities.


understand the wants and needs of our partners and offer the most effective solutions.


Useful for you to work with us
  • • We offer a full range of logistics services from a single source;
  • • Financial companies access credit and allow deferred payments;
  • • We have extensive experience in international logistics;
  • • We provide professional services organization.